• Victoria Colmegna (Buenos Aires, 1986)

    “The carpet lies somewhere between textile design, fan item, family memorabilia and art commodity. Frenetic border hopping like much of my work”.

    She studied Filmmaking in the University of Cinema in Argentina and graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from the Städelschule in Frankfurt in 2015. Fascinated by astrology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, pop culture, and art history, her artwork is intersected by aspects of her own life and memories, through painting, conceptual art, installation, video art and performance.

    An interest in creating pieces that challenge the limits between art and design is present in some of her work, such as her baby sweater collection inspired by the catalogue raisonné of French painter Francis Picabia (1879–1953), or the garments she created for the group exhibition Digital gothic (Centre d'Art Contemporain La Synagogue Delme, 2019). The Chess Rug designed for lalana was inspired by the architecture of the 1960s and the concept of “total interior”: working from bed, having breakfast sent in the elevator... It also references the iconic Colmegna Spa -which her family owned since 1880 until recently-, where people would play chess and checkers after bathing in a limbo mindspace. Like an Andean Cleopatra, hedonism and play here become functions of seduction, for cheating or letting yourself loose.