• Lucrecia Lionti (Tucumán, 1985)

    “I like mixing materials that come from completely different worlds, like a piece of mass produced synthetic shiny string and a wool fabric that has been hand dyed. The clash between them, for me, is similar to what happens in language, and also what we see in the real world”.

    Lucrecia holds an Art degree from the National University of Tucumán, and continued to develop her studies at the Artists Program and Film Laboratory Program at the Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires.

    Her works range between drawing, painting, collage, embroidery, objects and installations, and often include written words or phrases drawn from different sources. Some from personal memories, from current events or from her academic background in Art history, but all of them keep a correlation of meaning between themselves and the materials chosen to bear them. These can be old or new: assorted fabrics, old tablecloths, supermarket tickets, naturally dyed wool or colored paper, the kind children use in their schoolwork. The everyday things she comes across in her artistic research ultimately become themselves the very iconography in her oeuvre.

    Through them, she is able to reflect upon places, their history, their present, economy, social stratification, circumstances and contexts, ways of survival, and the emotional comings and goings attached to them.

    In one of pieces selected to take part in the lalana collection, the universal language of geometric abstraction intervenes in images of economic and personal meaning, like the left-over purchase tickets from her first trip to Paris. In the other, the shape of cow skins used in a recent exhibition -a nod to the crafts of her birthplace in the north of Argentina-, are translated into knitted wool.