• Natalia Geci (Buenos Aires, 1961)

    After studying Architecture in Buenos Aires and Product design in the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Geci worked as an interior and film and television set designer in Buenos Aires, Paris and London. In 2013, she launched her own furniture brand, where she developed a line conceived as “nomadic”: created for people who often move to a different city, or spaces used for diverse activities. She was awarded the prestigious international Platinum A' Design Award in Milan for one of them, Lynko system, a multipurpose hybrid between an organizer and a panel divider that easily folds to be transported or put away. Her creations are always mindful of modern ways of living, practical and adaptable, and often find inspiration in nature.

    Drawing is a fundamental part in Geci´s design methodology. It is the starting point for most of her furniture, which are then translated onto different materials with the help of laser technology. The result are poetic pieces which play with light, shadows, and their reflections. Lately, she has dabbled in textile design by creating colorful patterns, which emerged from a progressive stylization and abstraction of everyday objects.