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Disruptive Art + Quality Craftspeople = Innovative & Collectible Design

LALANA RUGS is an applied arts initiative born from the desire to combine proposals by contemporary artists with traditional local techniques and noble materials. The three “As” of LA-LA-NA come together in an interdisciplinary weaving of Applied Arts from Argentina, forging from this synergy the creation of signature works. The differential value of our project is generated by fusing art, design and crafts in the realization of collectible objects, both decorative and functional. We are interested in transposing artworks into other materialities and spatial relations which allow new ways of engaging with the pieces, which we can now use, touch and inhabit.

LALANA RUGS unveils a catalogue of unique designs, including pieces conceived from sketches, prototypes or pre-existing iconic works by pioneering artists, resurfacing modern designs from the past, put into dialogue with new proposals by a younger generation interested in contemporary arts and crafts. We are inspired by projects such as "Buen Diseño para la Industria" from the mid-50s, where artists including Sarah Grilo were commissioned special designs for the textile industry, as well as the Applied Arts project "Outside the Box - Consumer Art Center” that Jorge Romero Brest founded in the seventies, after directing the Visual Arts Center of the Di Tella Institute, epicenter of multidisciplinary art in Argentina at the time.
LALANA RUGS is both a brand and a cultural project, with an ongoing program of exhibitions and talks. LALANA was founded by Florencia Cherñajovsky, a curator interested in the relations between visual arts and other fields, including design. She worked for several years in the Curatorial department of Contemporary Art at the Centre Pompidou (2010-2016) and subsequently as a freelance curator, collaborating with institutions such as Museo Madre in Naples and MALBA in Buenos Aires. She is currently based between Buenos Aires and Madrid.

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