Our processes

lalana rugsour processes

Hand-knotting is the most labor-intensive process which leads to a refined and durable rug. We work with skilled artisans in Catamarca Province (Argentina) as well as in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Khenifra (Morocco). We use Persian, Turkish, Tibetan or Beni Mrirt knot technique, different densities (knot count) and pile heights depending on each customized design.
Flatweave is one of the simplest and earliest forms of carpet hand-weaving, constructed without knots, like a tapestry-woven kilim. Our reversible and unique flatweave rugs are amazingly soft and highly durable, made entirely in llama wool by hand by artisans in Salta Province, Argentina.

hand spun

Our flatweave rugs are made entirely in hand-spun llama wool sourced from Salta, Argentina. The llama is a native South American camelid. The fibers are hand spun by a grouping of families who are devoted to the breeding and the preservation of this unique species.

hand dyed

Our wool is dyed by hand, which is why each rug is completely unique and has color variations due to the artisanal process involved.

hand woven or hand-knoted

We do not use machines in any part of the process, since we do not intend to make identical pieces, but rather highlight the difference made entirely by hand.

hand finished

Trimming, stretching and washing!

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